Jaypeetex Engineering Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated on 26th March 1975 as a Private Limited Company and continues to remain a 100 % family owned company.

Over the years, the promoter directors have been involved in various businesses such as textile machinery and accessories, video, cable TV and since 1995 - BIOMETRICS.

The year 2003 will see lots of new activities and the launch of a slew of systems, products, applications software and solutions.

Jaypeetex has already launched in 2003, its own range of fingerprint readers, very much in line with our earlier versions for easy use and maintenance.

Jaypeetex will shortly introduce low cost high performance controllers in the JXL range for use with all kinds of standard RS232 or Wiegand based devices, to system integrators / vendors.

Jaypeetex has been working on electric power fence for perimeter protection since over 5 years and has successfully installed, commissioned and handed over a 1200 meter electric power fence to the INDIAN NAVY, at a confidential site in Mumbai to stop intrusions form adjoining areas. The fence is being maintained and serviced by Jaypeetex technicians and engineers.

Jaypeetex has also launched a high technology perimeter control using electric power fence. Jaypeetex has tied up with Tru-Test Ltd. and JVA Electricfences Ltd. of New Zealand to provide its customers the very best in securing the perimeter. All energizers meet international safety standards and all other fence components are locally made, superior to any available in the Indian market. Jaypeetex is also involved in new developments in this field of business. Software for calculation of Bill of Materials, preparation of offers / quotations and other requirements of this business is ready to be marketed worldwide.

Jaypeetex is soon launching its new range of applications software for access control, time and attendance, Payroll, HRMS, ID cards manufacture, Visitors Pass with photo and fingerprinting capability, Canteen Management solutions with touch screen kiosks and fingerprints and barcodes, Department Store POS software and Asset Tracking with bar codes, Bank safe Deposit Vaults management with digitized photo, signature & fingerprint verification and several special applications customized to customer’s needs.

Jaypeetex has done a pioneering effort in introducing and creating an awareness of this latest technology in India. Our associates and business partners as well as our customers worldwide, have provided us tremendous support in all our endeavors.

        At present the Company is concentrating on and deeply involved in:

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