Identification is the key word to security.

Biometrics technology is now widely accepted worldwide as the only means available for verification / authentication of an individual’s identity – be it fingerprints, hand geometry, face / iris / or voice recognition.

Hand geometry along with fingerprints are well established in the arena of Access Control and Time and Attendance, now easily accepted as a sure means of  verification or identification and subsequent generation of data for further processing and reporting.

Face and Iris recognition technology is now deeply involved in the more serious business of  identifying terrorists and outlaws, assisting in nabbing them whenever spotted by the systems being put in place at airports and other points of entry and exit from a country’s borders. Of course there is no denying the high rate of identifications made using AFIS based fingerprint systems, of criminals and convicts. Voice recognition technology has limited but purposeful uses right now and is being developed and should be freely available soon.

These Biometric Technologies are making it difficult for people to falsify or assume other people’s identities, enter areas forbidden to them or “buddy / proxy punch” for a colleague at work.

Tremendous opportunities have opened up for executing financial transactions over the internet, doing business or performing simple tasks over LAN / WAN / /INTRANET.

All these require a positive authentication of people. Addition of Biometrics will strengthen PKI certification. Withdrawing cash from ATMs can be secured using small low cost fingerprint devices making PIN redundant as also reduce insurance costs. Safe deposit vaults can be made more secure using biometric devices.

Medical Insurance and Social welfare schemes are prone to fraud. Biometrics can save the companies and the state millions, using simple application software.

Access control systems alone do not meet today’s security requirements. There is a need for a comprehensive solution which would include verification of employee’s / visitor’s ID, surveillance using C.C.T.V. systems with recording facilities, perimeter security using robust electric power fencing which works on the principals  of Deter - detect, deny and delay intrusions.

All of these technologies put together with adequate applications software meet todays needs. Jaypeetex provides all of them!



Why Jaypeetex ???

Jaypeetex, has over 12 years of experience in the business of biometrics and has done some very pioneering work with this technology. With systems installed all over India and abroad, Jaypeetex is well established as the premier biometrics company in India.

Jaypeetex proudly announces the launch of its range of Fingerprint based systems, standalone readers for 1:2000 identification and 1:50000 verification, fingerprint readers integrated with proximity and Mifare® smart card readers.

Also using our world class Door controllers we provide you customized solutions to your needs.

As system integrators and solutions providers, Jaypeetex has all that it takes to meet your needs. We wish you happy browsing!  



Shock the intruders before they sock you!

Install our World Class Electrified Perimeter Fence Systems for total protection.

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