Receipt Printers


Sense of battery-powered portable desk printers with impact printing mechanisms. 24 to 42 column receipts. Printing speed up to 42 char/sec. on 57.5 mm roll paper.RS232 interface or TTL. Internal rechargeable batteries with battery changer included. The version without batteries is available with external power supply (E version). Applications: Vehicles, safety, taximeters, paying car parks, data lagging systems in the field.


The printing speed & the limited size make it the ideal product. If connect to cash registers, for bills, receipts or tax invoices. The cash drawer control is available whereas the autocutter & the external power supply are optional. It is fitted with a serial RS232 or parallel centronics communication interface. The standard emulation is ESC/POS with 7 built-in fonts: the print buffer is 32 Kbytes while the graphic memory is 96 Kbytes & is remotely upgradeable. Operations such as the printer upgrade, the loading of fonts, logos, graphics & emulations different from those supplied as standard can be carried out through the serial interface. Drivers for windows are available  as well.



Smice is the new line of printing Peripherals Designed to revolutionize the point-of-sale market (P.O.S.). The full range of SMICE products offers innovative. Dynamic solutions unique in meeting the requirements of the retail & hospitality sectors not only today, but in the years to come. SMICE is a perfect match of simplicity & design. Quality & reliability are the philosophy behind the SMICE concept. Configuration flexibility and enhanced output capabilities are the leading features of the SMICE line.

SMICE ...  global approach to printing technology.


Paper width 40/54 mm. Paper roll diameter 300mm. Paper thickness 80/180 gr./m2. Compact & strong mechanical structure. Self-threading cutter. Printing speed >50mm/sec. Jamming prevention system.

Sensors: paper end & near paper end
(optional), black mark sensor.

Available Reports: meters of printed
paper, n tickets, n of printer switch-on.


Printing width 112mm. Paper guide for handling 80/112 mm. paper format. Printing speed from 80 up to 160mm/sec. Strong metallic structure. High paper roll capacity: max. external diameter up to 200mm (300mm diameter with second motor). Possibility to place the roll support behind, on or under the printer. Auto cutter. Both ejecting & refracting. Paper outlet friendly use. RS232 standard interface.

Sensors: near paper end, last ticket, ticket availability, black mark sensor.

Available Reports: n tickets, n cuts, n refracting, meters of printed paper.

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