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In 1993, the BarTender became the first true Windows Label program to support not just laser and ink-jet printers used for high-quality, high-volume label production. Since then, the BarTender has built a reputation around the world as the fastest, easiest way to design professional labels. We are also the World's largest manufacturer of true Windows drivers for label printers. So, when selecting professional label software for Windows, go with the clear leader. Seagull Scientific has been doing it the longest and doing it the best.

Easy to Learn, Easy to Use

A few quick mouse motions are all it takes to combine bar codes, text and graphics into professional quality labels. Strict adherence to Microsoft's official user-interface guidelines means, if you've used even one other Windows program, you're probably ready to start designing labels now. Carefully organized menus and "pop-up" dialogs display even the most advanced options in plain, easy-to-understand words. So customizing labels is easy. And, with the industry's most powerful Undo command, even beginners never have to worry about making mistakes. But advanced users still have all the power they'll ever need.

True WYSIWYG Display

The BarTender doesn't just "preview" or approximate how your labels will look. Bar codes and different text sizes are shown with extraordinary precision. By accurately viewing your label images before you print them, you finish your design work faster.

Exceptional Design Flexibility

The BarTender gives you total control over your label's appearance. You control the style and size of the text, the size and quantity of the bar codes and which bar code language to use (including two dimensional and postal bar codes).


Feature Overview

Inventory Management

  • Purchase Ordering from Suppliers

  • Purchase Receipts / Returns

  • Stock Issues / Receipts

  • Location-wise Stock Maintenance

  • Inter-Location Stock Transfers

  • Bar-code Label Generation ( Optional and Customized )

  • Physical Stock Check Module

  • Related Reporting

Sales Management

  • Order Acceptance ( Optional )

  • Billing ( Direct or against Order/s )

  • Billed Returns

  • Bill Cancellations

  • Reprints

  • Related Reporting

Cash and Cheques Accounting

  • Receipts     } Online Credit-Customer and

  • Payments   } Supplier Ledger Maintenance

  • Online Cash Drawer Maintenance with tracking of Cash, Cheques, Foreign Currency and Charge Slips in Drawer

  • Related Reporting

Access and Security

  • Rights can be defined for each user restricting operation to only specific controlled activity required by him / her.


Point of Collector Overview

  • Counter Collection (Bar-code Scanning)

  • End-of-day Stub Collection (Barcode Scanning)
  • Facilities for Normal / Forced Entry / Manual Entry / Multiple Bills / etc.

  • Re-print of collection documents

  • Related Reporting

  • User Master Maintenance

  • Credit Card Master Maintenance

  • Data Back-up

  • ASCII flat/ DBF format file Output

  • Consolidation Module

  • Counter Summary

  • Collection Centre Definition

  • Collection Summary

  • End-of-day Stubs Collection Report

  • Settlement-wise Collection Report

  • Department-wise Collection Report

  • Electronic Journal

  • Altered Transactions Report

  • Cheque Transaction Report

  • Demand Draft Transaction Report

  • Credit Card Transaction Report

  • Department-wise Transaction Report


AssetPro 1.0


  • To create a comprehensive Asset Tracking System using Bar Codes.
  • To integrate with Hand Helds like Palm, PocketPC or Symbol.
  • To market to medium and large organizations.
  • To create a unique and stand alone software.


  • Masters
  • Asset Details
  • Manage Assets
  • Audit Assets
  • MIS
  • Admin
  • Masters

  1. Asset Type

  2. Asset Sub-Type

  3. User

  4. Location Master

  5. Manufacturer

  6. Suppliers

  7. Depreciation Master

  8. Bar Code

  • Asset Details

  1. Asset Type/Sub Type

  2. Purchase Details

  3. Technical Data

  4. Insurance Data

  5. Depreciation Data

  6. Location Data

  7. Notes/Remarks

  • Manage Assets

  1. Associate Assets

  2. Upgrade Asset

  3. Sale/Dispose Asset

  4. Scrap Asset

  5. Repair Asset

  6. Internal Transfer

  • Track Assets

  1. By Location

  2. By Owner

  3. By Type/Sub Type

  • MIS

  1. Asset Reports

  1. New

  2. Missing

  3. Upgrades

  4. Sales

  5. Scrap

  6. Internal Transfer

  1. Depreciation Report

  • Admin

  1. Users

  2. Rights

  3. Back-up Data

  4. Restore Data

  5. Export Data

  6. Set Financial Year (No modification allowed)

  • Help

  1. Manual

  2. Search

  3. About AssetPro 1.0


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