Positive user identification is the key, but it must be easy to use and cost-effective; therefore, finger imaging is the answer. Why finger imaging is the best :

"After extensive testing and study, MasterCard has determined that the finger minutiae solution provides the highest degree of reliability, combines with a remote enrollment capability, ease of use at POS (Point of Sale) and a higher level of consumer acceptance (based on a survey of more than 900 consumers) than other biometric technologies available today. Moreover, it is estimated that finger minutiae technology, implemented on a global scale, could cut industry fraud losses by between 50% and 60% per year.

Finger minutiae holds enormous promise. It offers a near-zero percent false rejection rate and is cost and memory-efficient. Finger memory is safe, repeatable and reliable, yet it does not infringe on consumer's privacy. Because it only requires installation of a compact direct finger reader at the Point of Sale, it is a "small footprint" solution, as opposed to hand geometry readers and iris or retinal scanning equipment, which typically can be both bulky and expensive."

- Joel Lisker, Senior Vice President, MasterCard


For Access Control, Time & Attendance

 For Access Control to PC's, Mainframes and Encryption of files

For Verification and Identification - Blood Banks, Immigration, etc.

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