PXL-250 Tiger Controller

Great Installer Features


Designed with the installer in mind:

  • On-board diagnostics

  • Automatically senses communication method (direct connect to PC or modem)

  • Auto-Configures RS-485 network biasing; termination and grounding for optimum performance. NO JUMPER SETTING

  • Quick disconnect terminals

  • Software auto-configures system components, no data entry required

  • Push-button setting and LED display of address selection. NO DIP SWITCHES

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The PXL-250 Tiger Controller is a smart entry controller which contains all the intelligence and necessary inputs/outputs to manage one door and two readers. In an access control system, from 1 to 128 PXL-250 controllers can be networked, controlling from 1 to 128 doors. With the addition of a SB-293 Satellite Board, each PXL-250 can manage a second door, one reader per door, for a possible total 256 doors.

To control and manage the entire operations, excellent Windows based software DOORS is available. DOORS is most user friendly and requires only very basic knowledge of Windows!

Standard features include :

Access Control

Inputs and Outputs

Quick Connect Wiring Connectors

Electrical Surge Transient Protection

Network Communication

Automatic Network Configuration

Access Control Database Capacity

Support for the following Reader Technologies

NOTE: The Weigand Reader must send data according to the Security Industry Association's Weigand Reader Interface Standard (document number AC-01D-96). Jaypeetex cannot guarantee the performance or reliability of Weigand Readers that do not meet these guidelines.

 The optional SB-293 Satellite Expansion Board adds the following features:

The optional LCD-1 Alpha/Numeric Plug-In Display adds the following feature

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