ScanProx1000 - Specifications

Note : The MS Series Proximity Readers are supplied with the **SM-1000 Smart Module**. The SM-1000 provides the industry standard 26 bit Wiegand input/output, LED, Door Sense and NO & NC Door functions.

The MS Series Proximity Readers when used with the SM-1000 form the Intelligent Single Door Keyless Entry System to manage access to a single door for UPTO 500 users.

MS-3000 + SM-1000 = SP1003  

MS-7000 + SM-1000 = SP1007

MS-4000 + SM-1000 = SP1004  

MS-9000 + SM-1000 = SP1009

MS-5000 + SM-1000 = SP1005

Reader Model No. SP1003 SP1004 SP1005 SP1007 SP1009
Size 3.3"x1.4"x0.38"
Weight 2.1 oz. (59g) 15.4 oz. (431g) 3.2 oz. (90g) 1.3 lbs. (582g) 2.9 lbs. (1.3kg)
Read Range* Up to 4" (10 cm) Up to 2" (5 cm) Up to 8" (20 cm)

UPTO 15"(40 cm)

Up to 24" (60 cm)
Input Voltage +5-14 VDC +5-14 VDC +5-14 VDC +5-14 VDC 24 VDC
Current Draw 80 mA typical 80 mA typical 80 mA typical 250 mA typical 300 mA typical
Operating Temp -40oC to +65oC -40oC to +65oC -40oC to +65oC -40oC to +65oC -40oC to +65oC
LED Indicator Tri-Color None Tri-Color Tri-Color Tri-Color

Audio Tone

Standard None Standard Standard Standard



Black, Off-White

Black, Off-White Black

ABS, Potted


ABS, Potted

ABS, Potted ABS



125KHZ/62.5KHZ 125KHZ/62.5KHZ 125KHZ/62.5KHZ

 * - Read Range is stated in a clean RF environment using Standard Proximity Card. Range is less for 50% Less for Key Tag and 15% Less for Multi Technology Card. Actual range may vary.

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