Live-ID is an automated method of comparing live fingerprints to a database of stored prints.

An individual only needs to place his/her finger on a glass platen of an optical reader. There is no ink, no mess, no fingerprint expert required to operate the system. The system will make positive identifications automatically. The newly scanned image can be used to enroll the individual into a database and complete a one-to-many search of the database to prevent a person from being enrolled more than once. The system will also allow a one-to-one comparison of existing fingerprint records to verify the identity of a person.


Live-ID can be used in:

  • Preventing unauthorized individuals access to restricted information
  • Eliminating duplicate entries
  • Quickly identifying an individual

Live-ID products have been used by Government Social Service Agencies to eliminate welfare fraud, Immigration Services to track down wanted illegal aliens, and the Department of the Defense to control refugee and illegal immigrants. Live-ID runs on both UNIX workstations and Windows based PCs.