A.F.I.S. Systems


Jaypeetex provides you with the Best Biometric Identification Products like the A.F.I.S. system developed by Cogent Systems, Inc.

Cogent Systems, Inc. was founded in April 1990 by a group of scientists and engineers specialized in numerical analysis and digital signal processing. It is a privately owned corporation registered in the state of California, USA. Cogent's engineering team has successfully developed Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems based on a software solution, which has been proven to be one of the most sophisticated, accurate and advanced A.F.I.S. systems in the industry. This is attributed to our scientific team's years of innovative image processing and matching algorithm research. Cogent Systems' research efforts are concentrated in the following areas:

  • Fuzzy Mathematics
  • Morphology
  • Neural Network
  • Image Compression
  • Matching Algorithm
  • Distributed Parallel Processing
  • Image Enhancement
  • Pipe Line Structure Design

Focusing on the biometrics identification market, Cogent Systems has developed three product families: