The issue of ID cards for Verification is a must in every organization. There are many types of ID cards available:

1) Paperboard based where the person sticks his photo on the card and other details are manually fed in.

2) Plastic ones with the names embossed on them given to outside agency. The cards issuance records done manually. It was very difficult to keep a track on of the issued cards.


    Jaypeetex has made a software for complete ID card designing, printing and management which is user friendly and GUI (Graphic User Interface) based. The user can design his own card format in-house without the need of any outside professional. The front-side and back-side of the card can be designed in the format the user wants. Different formats and colour coding can be done for different types of personnel in the organization like Offices, Factory Workers, Temporary/Contract Workers and Visitors.

    All the Employee / User records are punched or imported into the software database. The user needs to have the required data fields like Employee Code (PIN), First Name, Middle, Name, Last Name, Birth Date, Blood Group, Dept., Designation, Address, Contact Nos., etc. The user can also put in the Employees Photograph acquired from a Digital camera or a Flatbed Scanner.

    As scanning individual photos at one time is very tedious and time consuming, the user can scan all photographs of all persons using the flatbed scanner and then use the extensive image editing and transform tools to pick up the relevant photos related to persons in the database. You can adjust the Brightness / Contrast of the images and also for convert them into gray scale. The same way, one can also pick up signatures, Fingerprint images from a document or a Live Fingerprint Scanner. The user can also put Barcode information in the employee database for using it for Barcode readers (Time & Attendance, Access Control, Etc.).

    For Designing the ID card, the user is given a drag and drop like feature. He has to just select the item he wants on the cards and drops on the ID card design. He can do so for all the database fields, the image files Photos, Signature, and Fingerprint and the barcode. Backgrounds, text, and images can be chosen while creating a card format.

    To ensure the absolute security in using the software, we have provided a very handy user management whereby authority for use of the software at different levels could be given to the person who is designing a card to a person who wishes to generate and issues the cards and to the administrator. Various functions of the software can be controlled through the user management. There is built-in security to warn on the issuance of duplicate ID cards by the operator. It can be done by the administrator / higher security level person.  The software tracks the date / time of issue of new / duplicate ID cards and the user / operator issuing it.

    We provide various types of reports, which take care of all the needs of organization.

Sample ID Cards

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